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Passwords and PINs

Nowadays, in this high tech world we live in, passwords are as common as the air we breath. That being said there are passwords that always seem to come up. Here are a few of them to avoid.

  • password
  • 123456
  • qwerty
  • abc123
  • letmein
  • monkey
  • myspace1
  • password1
  • blink182
  • (your first name)
  • god
  • jesus
  • birthdates/anniversary
  • pet's name
  • sex
  • coke
  • pepsi
  • computer manufacturers name (dell, gateway, compaq, etc)

Create passwords that combines letters, numbers, and character symbols. If anyone has you use part, or all, of your Social Security number then request that it be changed. Also, you shouldn't use your mother's maiden name, Social Security number, or birthday for authentication. These are frequently used by financial institutions, so instead see if they can use an additional code or password (number of word) for accessing your accounts.

There is a website that will test password strength here:

Many companies use questions for identifying people. Try to select questions that others might know, even those in your household. I worked at a customer service department of a bank and 90% of the fraud occurs from family members or 'friends' of the family. So when it comes to access information 'trust no one'.

Other tips:

Memorize your passwords. Don't write them down anywhere.

When someone is standing near you when your entering your password or pin, shield your transaction so they can't see what your typing.

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