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Credit Cards

When purchasing with credit cards take receipts with you and for older transaction forms that don't use carbonless copies, ask for the carbon paper as well. Carry your receipts on you, rather than in the bag and shred or rip up your receipts before throwing them away, and do not throw them in a public trash can.

When expecting new or reissued credit cards by mail be aware of when they should arrive. If they don't arrive when expected then contact the issuing company immediately. Consider installing a locking mailbox if you don't already have one.

Review your statements for potential fraudulent transactions.

Opt Out of receiving Pre-Approved Credit Card offers by calling (888) 567-8688, or going to the website

If you receive checks that allow you to draw off of your credit card, or line of credit accounts, contact your financial institution to let them know you want to opt-out of receiving them. If you do receive them make sure you dispose of them by shredding or thoroughly ripping them up, or even better, burning them.

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