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Checking/Savings Accounts

ChexSystems tracks history regarding financial institution deposit accounts. It is a nationwide specialty consumer reporting agency that maintains a database of information from member financial institutions. They track information like bad account closures (when a financial institution closes your account because of a negative balance or too many non-sufficient funds checks). A negative ChexSystems report can prevent you from opening a deposit account at another bank.

You can order a ChexSystems report by calling (800) 428-9623 or by going to their web site at

Store your cancelled checks (or copies) in a safe location, or just destroy them. Financial institutions legally have to retain copies of cancelled checks for seven years, so you can always order copies of them. Of course you need to know the check numbers you want, so make sure you have the check numbers available, like in your check register.

When you order new checks you can have them mailed to your financial institution for you to pick-up instead of them coming to your home where they can be taken from your mailbox.

Call your financial institution immediately if you suspect any fraud

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